Covington Creek Veterinary Hospital is committed to caring for each pet as if they were our own, with compassion and dignity.

We take medicine, anesthesia and surgery very seriously at CCVH. Behind-the-scenes shortcuts are not taken. The highest quality equipment and supplies are used. Everything is painstakingly researched in advance. Our philosophy is reflected in a number of ways, including everything from how anesthesia is performed, down to details like the brand of suture material that is used and the appeasing pheromones used in the exam rooms to help make the experience less stressful for patients. We also take special care to manage pain when appropriate, an often-overlooked aspect of illness in both dogs and cats.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Well Pet/Preventive Care
    • Annual wellness programs
    • Puppy and kitten total health packages
    • Nutritional and behavioral consultations
    • Disease prevention
    • High quality vaccines without harmful chemicals (feline NON-adjuvanted)
  • Diagnostic Services
    • In-house and outside laboratory
    • X-Ray/radiology and ultrasound
    • Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG)
    • Digital tonometry (used to check eye pressure)
  • Dentistry/Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT)
    • Professional cleaning with piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling and high speed polishing
    • Dental charting
    • Digital dental X-Ray
    • Surgical extractions as necessary
  • Surgery
    • Spays, neuters, microchip implantation
    • Other soft tissue general surgery
    • Surgeon Scott Fetherston, DVM available for advanced soft tissue and orthopedic procedures
    • Laser surgery available
  • Anesthesia
    • Progressive protocols customized for each patient
    • IV catheter and fluid therapy
    • Intensive anesthetic and patient monitoring
    • Pain management/analgesia
  • Hospitalization and Intensive Care for Sick Pets
  • Housecalls (if our regular schedule allows)
  • Boarding Facility
    • Large dog runs and enclosed outdoor exercise area
    • Large individual enclosed outside shaded cat play areas (separate from dogs)
    • Bathing services
    • High quality diet provided if needed (we do recommend owners provide the food that their pet is used to)
    • Discounts available for clients of the hospital and multiple pets